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It is with enormous pleasure that I welcome you to Talbot English Faculty. Paul Moohan English Faculty Lead.

I’ve had the pleasure of leading the English Faculty from September 2015 and have helped co-ordinate English lessons for all pupils from Y7-Y11 with Post 16 pupils accessing embedded English through their cross curricular, choice lead curriculum.

Students access a three route curriculum and access English through bespoke sensory, physical and creative learning opportunities. The curriculum was developed after identifying the key learning experiences already being utilised within school and compiling these into 3 different support packs. We incorporate traditional English techniques and strategies with progressive game based learning opportunities to deliver a vibrant and stimulating English curriculum. Engaging Activities for each of the 3 routes are shared on the school web page for parents to provide additional support for learning at home as required.

Learning is assessed utilising P levels and the national curriculum. We also use photographic/video evidence and school assessment tools to provide rich information about the progress our students are making. We have recently begun introducing the new digital ‘Evidence For Learning’ recording system for improved speed and accuracy when evidencing student work. The system uploads data to cloud based storage and will revolutionise information sharing across multi-professional teams.

Lessons are enriched by a wide range of immersive learning opportunities such as our annual celebration of World Book Day celebrations and different performances. We provide a wide range of fine motor and gross motor activities in lessons in order to help every student reach their full potential. We incorporate; Makaton, symbols drama, digital media and assistive technology in lessons in order to give our students the best possible ‘tool kit’ and opportunity to communicate and interact with the world around them. We work hard to form partnerships across school, particularly with the Creative Arts Faculty, thus giving students numerous opportunities to perform both in school and as part of prestigious national festivals. We have recently worked alongside the Creative Faculty to set up/ support a drama club in school and are keen to seek out real world communication opportunities through sport, residential activities and initiatives such as Duke of Edinburgh.

Writing has become a key focus for our school and this year we have introduced ‘Big Writing Days’ where pupils use a key text across the school as the basis for mark making/ written work. The idea is that pupils work at their optimal level with as much independence as possible to provide a whole school snapshot of writing at Talbot. Last term we delivered whole school INSET training on making English, in particular writing more stimulating for our students and this was very warmly received by staff. We have a commitment to bring this to the classroom and deliver increasingly stimulating learning opportunities for Talbot students. We monitored pupil progress through wall works, in house moderation and have begun mapping our exciting and innovative curriculum to formal accreditation schemes in order to build increased rigour into our curriculum. We also began networking with colleagues from Seven Hills School during shared Extended Leadership Team meetings.

Please visit ‘Latest News’ on this website for more details of our current initiatives

Other English Faculty partners include:

Talbot Technology Faculty, Talbot Communication Team, Shakespeare Schools Festival; National Theatre Connections; Sheffield Theatres, Fischer Family Trust, Fusion

Projects 2017-2018

Our projects for this academic year include:

  • Whole school English INSET training
  • Incorporation of Oxford Owl digital reading scheme into daily teaching
  • Mapping of 3 Route Curriculum to Accreditation Schemes
  • Cross curricular support for all faculties
  • Multi Professional Communication Interconnectivity
  • Development of Evidence For Learning Assessment system for recording and evidencing English and Communication Attainment.
  • Incorporation of CEA learning opportunities into the curriculum for Route 1 learners

Highlights from previous years include:

  • G.C.S.E Success
  • O.C.R Success
  • Book Sales
  • Second Hand Book Exchange
  • Meet and Greet Story Book Characters (student ambassadors)
  • 3 Library Area Decoration
  • Staff and Professional Reading
  • Peer to Peer Reading
  • Whole School Story Writing
  • SPAG Challenges
  • Multi-Sensory SPAG
  • Book Club
  • Drama Challenge
  • Debate Club
  • Film Watching club
  • Film Making Club
  • Purple Mash Homework
  • Poetry Competition
  • Short Story Competition
  • 4D Sensory Story Experience
  • Sensory Story Bag Competition and performance
  • Silly Sentence Construction
  • Fancy dress Activities
  • Makaton
  • E-mail a friend
  • Class to Class pen friends


  • O.C.R Entry Level English
  • G.C.S.E as appropriate
  • Embedded English skills in all other school accreditation.

Please feel free to contact me here in school or by emailing me at pmoohan@talbot.sheffield.sch.uk should you have any queries about our work.

I look forward to meeting you. Paul Moohan: English Faculty Lead

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